I try to set up repeater mode on GL-MT300N-v2 --> computer connection to router breaks --> repeater mode set up fails

Hi everyone

Like I wrote in the Titel, I am trying to connect to my hotel wifi via repeater mode. Initially the computer connects to the mango mt300-v2 without issues and I open the GUI in my browser

But as soon as I am clicking on scan and select the hotel wifi the router starts acting weird.it finds the needed network and after clicking on it, normally it should then ask for the hotel WiFi password which it does not. Instead the connection process gives out „success“ at times or „time out error“. In both cases there is no connection established. I tried to reboot the router a couple of times, no difference.

I tried connecting to my phone hotspot, which is very cumbersome as it gives out only error after error wanting to connect. But one time it connected for the very first time.

Then I tried the hotel WiFi again without success. How can I make this network work reliably?


You can try to disable the “repeater manager” to simplify settings. And it will be better to setup the repeater by cable, as the wifi will reload itself causing disconnection.

What do you mean by repeater manage. Could you please describe the steps?

Other than that it doesn’t make a difference if youngsters cable or not. It brings the same error

Sorry I didn’t make it clear. It it to disable “Auto scan and re-connect” option.


By the way, the hotel wifi is indeed often difficult to connect.