I wasnt able to make PIA to work on Beryl AX3000. No Internet

I have Beryl AX3000. I couldn’t get the VPN router work with openvpn and wireguard clients using Private Internet Access. Even though its connected there is no internet. I followed all the steps in GL.net site still no success. I was able to make surfshark to work via openvpn. Why Private Internet Access dont. Please help

Pls verify if your account is active. It should be but just to make sure.

Check different servers. Vpn service provider sometimes changes servers and this is not updated to the config.

Check if the same config works on pc and smartphone. If not working pls consult PIA support

  • SSH into your GL device (default IP & execute wg show. It’ll show a touch more than just the VPN Dashboard.
  • Contact PIA & ask if they have a MTU &/or Listen Port requirement for their connection like Surfshark does. You can add those details via GL GUI → VPN → WireGuard Client → $group → Name → … → Edi → Item Mode

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