If anyone is looking for a case for the new Slate AXT1800

Just got this case for the new GL-AXT1800 from Amazon UK and it fits nicely and snugly (and not too expensive either):



We OEM a case for AXT1800 and our other travel routers. They are on the way to our warehouse. We have three colors: Travel Gadget Organizer Pouch Bag | Hard Drive Bag | For chargers, cab– GL.iNet

They will be on Amazon soon.


Looks super cool. I’ve been trying to find one for my Beryl for more than a year and none was really providing a nice fit. Please announce it in the (normal) forum when they are on Amazon :slight_smile:

That pouch looks perfect, not only for our new toy, but to carry all the adapters too (and a couple of tiny biquad antennas too, perhaps! :yum::wink:)

Ordered the blue today.

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This is the smallest in a set of 3. The company is bubm. Light padding, upper zippered pocket, Velcro divider. Fits power supply and 2 flat 1m Ethernet cables with room to spare

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GL.iNet has a special designed router case for New Slate AX selling on Amazon.
There are colors for choosing and this little case is suitable for all GL.iNet Travel routers.

Here are Amazon Purchase link:
Amazon US
Amazon DE
Amazon UK

at the risk of sounding like a shill for BUBM, i love their cases. i have several of them for cable management when i travel, and they make a quality product. i +1 this recommendation.

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