I'm impressed so i purchase some more

tired of routers from the networks, ive gone my own route for a couple of yrs, purchasing second hand routers that had open source goodness in them, as my netgear 4g with router was struggling with poor propietary software firewall poor port forwarding, it had network pass thourgh so i took the plunge after seeing YT cam shand Fastest Private Router? 🚀 GL.iNet AR750S - YouTube
decided to purchase the Beryl (GL-MT1300) travel router, loved it now gone for it and ordered 2x Opal (GL-SFT1200)to cover the house in wired and wireless, to replace some 10 yr old routers. im hoping to extent my wifi with the lan points that are already installed, and keep the same wifi ssid & password any tips on he wifi, as my old setup uses different ssid for each one,
many thanks GL

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Do you mean IP passthrough from 4G network?

Soon we will have it on our 4G products as well. Thought it is useless but people keep asking for that.