I'm just sharing this info

-The AR750S can run with a power bank as long as the power bank can supply a stable voltage and wattage.

I’ve tested it with Anker 10,000 mAh powerbank. The router draws power between 3.1 - 4.1W and this is with

  1. WAN LAN
  2. Active 5Ghz WIFi client
  3. OpenVPN
  4. Full download speed at around 12mbps continually.

Some power bank drops its voltage below 5v when being used which in my opinion it may cause problems to the router. So, get a good power bank it doesn’t have to be a brandname, just the one you trust.

-The powerbank and the router can charge your phone while is in tether mode.
I’ve tested it with iPhone 7, they charge my phone just fine.

It would be really helpful if GL-Inet can confirm what I’ve tested.

Thank you.


This data seems normal.

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