Image builder not placing custom config files on compiled image

I’m using the latest version of the imagebuilder (GitHub - gl-inet/imagebuilder: Warning!Please look at 'GL.iNET Imagebuilder Introduction' section.)
I need an image preconfigured with different packages and some custom config files.
I’m creating the image using the command
./gl_image -p ar300m16 -e “openssh-sftp-server nano htop curl tcpdump usbutils etc…”
and I’m placing my custom config files on

when i flash the device, all the packages are there, but my custom config files are not.
Where do i need to do? I’m placing the files on the wrong directory OR do i need to specify the files location at the moment of execute the gl_image command?

You are placing them in the wrong directory. They go in the root of the imagebuilder, in the files folder.
So imagebuilder/files following the usual folder structure required.

I am sure I’m just missing something obvious, but I cant seem to get my files included in my image. Have tried creating a folder imagebuilder/files, but nothing gets copied over to the root directory in my image. command to build the image is simply python2.7 gl_image -p x750 -e "wget vnstat minicom".

the build completes but when I flash it, the extra packages are installed but none of the custom config files are there.

Where did you put your config files?


You have to add the files path to images.json.

Yes, thank you. It turns out there were some initialization scripts overwriting my config settings. Scripting my configuration in /etc/uci-defaults instead seemed to do the trick (probably since I was able to make my script the last to run).