Image Builder x750

Is there a step by step guide or a list of commands on how to change certain settings in the file?

In the Imagebuilder instructions:

Find “Set file”, you will find the instructions how to replace files in the final image.

Thanks! I do see that. So my biggest question is if I want to alter some of the settings how do I do this. I know it says use the customize.json file. I guess I am confused as to where I find the settings to change.

If you want to change a setting, for example in the /etc/config/firewall file, you basically want to clone that file, make your changes, and tell imagebuilder to replace that file when making the image using the customize.json file and the “file” attribute.

I appreciate the help. Unfortunately I am still lost in all of this. There are only a few things I want to change and while I was able to find the WiFi file, I was not able to find the others. I may just have to pay someone to set me up a file with all the default settings I want. Can you point me in the direction of such a person haha?

You can send a private message directly to @alzhao

Thank you! I appreciate your help.