Image for uboot

Hello, is it possible to create an image of my gl inet router with all settings i can upload in uboot to recover to the same state as now?
How would this be done

If you just need to restore your settings, you can use the system → backup/store page in LuCI.
If you need to install all the additional packages quickly, I think you need to compile the firmware yourself.

There are some ideas in this thread on cloning GL.iNet routers:

What i want is to totally restore it from one backup file. On the road i don’t want to install packages and so on that’s the point.
No internet, so all packages should be with the backup

On the road, I don’t upgrade my router’s firmware. When updating firmware, there is always the chance of bricking the router, and I really don’t want to be trying to use uboot in a hotel room, and too many times I have had to resort to uboot while upgrading GL iNet routers. While I’m on the road, the most important thing for a travel router is: “It just works”.

Sorry maybe i missled you guys.

The problem i have with the GL-X750v2 router is, i want to use it in greece and half a year ago i had original openwrt running on it, and it did not constantly connect to lte for whatever reason. (Same sim card in smartphone at same spot worked).
So this time i am trying the original firmware of gl on it. Both (openwrt and gl firmware) work perfectly in germany.
Now i want to be able to swith back and forth between the two to try in greece with maybe no internet availability and a person using it not very capable of working on it beside doing a uboot image file upload.
So that is why i am asking if there is a way to totaly backup/copy/create an image file to put on and it works. Also for a second device as backup f.e. later on after proof of concept.
Like using clonezilla or rsync the /etc folder or whatever