Imagebuilder output files

Trying to build an image using imagebuilder here using profile for the e750 device:

It only makes a file called root.squashfs.
Is that the file to install into the router, or is it failing to build an .img file?

You should have a .img and .tar file.

But pls note your firmware cannot be too big. Otherwise it may not generate the firmware.

What is too big?
It doesn’t generate the firmware, even if I say just:
make image PROFILE=“glinet_gl-e750”

I will try to find why from OpenWRT.

I mean if you selected too many packages and the firmware will be too big. If it exceed the max size, the firmware will not be generated. But seems not your case.

What is the output of the compile processes? Usutally there are some useful messages. Can you post?

Somehow it worked now. Maybe was running out of memory somehow, or I was entering wrong command.
Thanks for attention.

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