Imagebuilder questions

I’ve been playing with imagebuilder to free up space on my Mango and have a couple of questions:

  1. I can successfully delete gltertf and the associated database, and that frees up over 1M of space. Most of that is the database. Is there a way of excluding just the database, or shrinking it, and keeping gltertf?
  2. I can delete most of the ipv6 files, but I cannot delete odhcpd-ivp6only. Is there a way of seeing which other package is holding on to it?
  3. I cannot seem to get rid of nodogsplash.

This leaves me with 4M free after installing LUCI, which otherwise would leave me with around 2.4M free.

See Post #3 in this thread on how to use sqlite3 to purge data from mac_vendor.db:

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I just updated that thread - you don’t even need to use sqlite3, you can just make a symlink. That said, I have no use for the mac database and would be happy to leave it out of the ROM image, giving me another MB for other tools… but I’m lazy and don’t want to maintain my own build infra.

nodogsplash is hold by gl-portal.
I cannot find any package holding odhcpd-ipv6only

root@GL-XE300:~# opkg whatdepends nodogsplash
Root set:
What depends on root set
        gl-portal 3.0.27-1      depends on nodogsplash

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nodogsplash/portal looks to be small (~45K bytes)

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

Turned back to this recently. I’m trying to build firmware keeping gltertf but using a shrunken mac_vendor.db.

I’ve shrunk mac_vendor.db from a.most a meg to 12kb. After building one firmware, I have two versions of mac_vendor.db in the subdirectories. I replaced those with the shrunken version, but when I build the firmware it seems to recreate the big version. I’ve built with the --offline option, so it can’t redownload the big version, but I still get firmware with the big version. I can’t figure out where it is being drawn from.