IMEI change (repair) on GL.iNet MiFi (EC25 )

Hello. Is there any way to change IMEI on EC25 hardware? Only for research/debug purpose of course!
I could not find any AT-command in the official paper (AT commands).
I can pay well for the method / script.

Sorry I don’t know how to.

I will not hack our own product like this.

GL.iNet MiFi and Quectel modem - IMEI Repair with QPST
It may be useful

Can’t legally use QPST for anything - this is licensed SW from Qualcomm, and there you need to have the secret handset/business agreement.

Changing IMEI goes against a lot of rules in the industry… and if Quectel has left the device unlocked to that level - that’s bad news for them - carriers could just revoke the entire bunch of them - if one is untrusted now, that means every one of them is untrusted.

You’re right. This can only be used by those who have the legal right to use it.