Impact of router not having EAP option

In the Product Comparison Page I see newer products don’t have the EAP option.
It is not clear to me what the impact is of this option missing.

For example Flint GL-AX1800 has EAP, Flint 2 GL-MT6000 has not; same for Slate AX has EAP and Beryl AX has not.
Now don’t say that you cannot do EAP ;-). What is the practical impact of this option missing?
I am specifically looking to set up a mesh with seamless roaming. Is this option having impact on such a use case?


Impact is that EAP isn’t available. :sweat_smile:
It depends on the OpenWrt version in combination with the Wi-Fi driver.

None of these devices support mesh anyway.

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Ok; reading on it, I think I can do without EAP (which I understand as a way for extra authentication options next to a plain password).

What are these routers missing to set up mesh? I don’t see anywhere info about for example 802.11s/r

Are there routers supporting a mesh?
Edit: I found that VELICA is supporting ‘mesh’ (missed it earlier in the list of options)

You will normally find EAP in more “Enterprise” type installations. The difference is you need to have not just a password but a validated user name to log into the WiFi. Primarily you’ll probably come across this in Educations (EduRoam) or in Government or Big Business. If you’re not attaching to these and more your free library/shop/mall/fast food franchise type environments you won’t miss EAP.

Velica and Convexa-B both still support mesh but only in their original firmware version (3.xx) .


Interesting subject.
I ran into an issue with a Mango (MT300-V2) recently; I was travelling and brought it along to facilitate “At home - almost” to the family, but ran into a lodging-wifi-login-fail stating something along the line of “Wifi login not possible due to lack of EAP-support”.
Meaning everyone had to login their phones and laptops individually and without the desired privacy (and VPN) the Mango was brought along to facilitate.
So, there’s an impact; product fails to deliver its intended function - privacy while traveling.

I absolutely love the Mango’s formfactor and ease of use; Got one installed at work to let me access LAN nodes at home, where my Router runs a VPN server on a static public IP.
The other one that went travelling recently left me a bit miffed. I kinda hoped for it to make travel easier; it did the opposite.

Any chance EAP functionality can be added to the MT300-V2?

Look at the AR300M-16. It is slightly faster, exact same size, normally the same price, comes in black, and supports EAP.


EAP network, generally is used in universities etc.

I have never see EAP during travel like hotels.

Where did you need to use EAP?

Recently: Airbnb. USA. Private residence with a 1st floor, converted to a dorm-like thing with kitchen and laundry-facilities.

Last year: Airbnb. France, Germany. Private residences.

I bring the Mango with me on motorcycle-touring to have ‘single point of setup’ for PC, phone and whatnot and have had varying degrees of success with it. Travelling on a day-to-day-planning basis calls for a quick setup-routine on arrival to today’s lodging, as next-day reservations have to be made in a snap, followed by video/photo processing and offload/upload to secure storage, followed by making food, followed by sleep. No time to waste.
@eric recommends the AR300M-16. I’ll probably give that one a go, as it seems to support EAP and be just as handy as the Mango.

Right. I’ve now had a look-see at the AR300M-16. Nice. I verified its EAP capabilities on

and found that if I’m willing to sacrifice some space, the Slate Plus or Slate AX models offer considerably more punch with OpenVPN and WireGuard. Video upload is no fun on slow lines…

For starters, the GL-AR300M16 is chosen. Size matters.

For some reason, I’m unable to buy off Gl-inet’s own website, so Amazon to the rescue; this also addresses the import toll and VAT issue. So one “Shadow” is in the mail :slight_smile:

I use an original Slate for travel, as it is smaller than the newer models and support both 2.4 and 5 GHz WIFI. I agree that size matters when you travel and i wish gl.inet would make a new small router.