Improved comparison table

From my low level of technical understanding the feature difference of some of the routers is becoming pretty small and technical, in some cases the difference appears to be down to just speed with them all running similar / the same software.

I would appreciate a more detailed feature comparison table. The comparison chart on the front page is ok but could we have something like is on the Beryl page with more detailed technical info? Gold solution would be to compare any selected routers with that level of detail but if not the current static table expanded to include all of the travel routers + Brume

Not sure if it’s exactly what you’re after but there’s a product catalogue that is a bit better and groups them into usage. A bit out of date though.

That is what I’m after, maybe easier to find and update

We plan to upgrade the product comparison table, but we’re busy with the product launch these days. We will do it after we launch AXT1800 and SDK4.0.


Is this up to date?

How updated is this?