Improving Collie (GL-X300B) for RV Usage

Hi all,

first i would like to greet all the friendly guys in this community.
Im new here, and im an IT Guy who is happy when he can design smarthome hardware…

I have an Collie (GL-X300B) since some days. It’s mounted in my RV and it nearly perfect…

I see only 3 little weak points:

  1. i dont like the SMB connectors for the antennas (actually i use adapters to SMA; Worst case: One of the Wifi jacks goes over 2 adapters (SMB>SMA>RP-SMA) to my roof Antenna outside of the RV. Its more bad in an mechanical perspective than in the signal loss)
    So i will change them against pigtails with ((RP))- SMA Connectors when the warranty is over or when its clear that i will not loose warranty. (Actually i have not opened the device)

  2. The modem is only CAT 4, are there recommendations which CAT 6 (or higher) models are working with the existig firmware ?

  3. I miss an USB Connector… so i am thinking i can try to use the serial-pins (RX/TX) and an FT232RL or an CP2102 and the USB Guest configuration of Open WRT to get an USB Socket anyway… (If there a PCB will be needed, i can share the design)
    => Or does this make no sense ?

Even if this may not sound so good I like the device very much and I love the WebUi from GL.iNet. Simple and still “everything” possible…
(It replaced mit RUT 955)

Best Martin

Have you see their latest releases? It might be worth a look:

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Shure, but they are really nice, but a little bit oversized for my usage…

  1. I want a better LTE Modem (CAT6 or so; 2 Frequencies at the same time).
    [3) I’m searching for an trick to get an USB Port]

Hope X750v2 can satisfy your requirement:

  • 2x SMA Cellular antenna
  • CAT6
  • USB-A connector


thank you for the feedback !
I have already seen the Spitz GL-X750. Today in Prime Day it is addationally reduced by 15%… It is nearly fine, but im missing:

  1. GPS (no Problem, i can use the external tracker that is laying around. Good side: Power connection of GPS and router would be separated)

  2. One connector for external wifi antenna. See i right here that there is an u.FL connector on the PCB for Wifi ?
    If so, do you expect, i will find the right space to drill a hole in the case for an RP-SMA Connector ?
    (And if i do that, will i loose the warranty if i dont’ touch the PCB an dont cut the PCB-Antenna so i would have both parallel (which is not perfect, but should be OK) ?)

There are 3 antennas, two for 2.4G WIFI, one for 5G WIFI (the left one).

5G WIFI is using PCB antenna, which connected via u.FL connector. 2.4G WIFI are using on-board antenna, the two connectors are used to verify the WIFI signal during production, not u.FL connectors.