In GoodCloud, devices are online but I cannot access admin panels or ssh

I am running a custom application on E750. I did an update to multiple E750s using ssh accessed via the Goodcloud dashboard,

After the update, which I have done many times before, none of the devices are now accessible from Goodcloud, even though they are correctly reported as being on and their uptime.

I don’t even know where to begin to diagnose the problem, let alone fix the issues.

Also, I setup DNS access on all the devices and I cannot access them via ssh. However, this problem pre-dates the above issue and I only bring this up as it might be the only alternative for me to get access to the devices as they are all in locations that I do not have physical access to.

Are you updating the firmware version or your application? What is the firmware version for the E750?
Do you mean you have DDNS remote access set up? Can you access router’s web admin panel through it?

The firmware is not updated. It is stock 3.2.11

I am seeing inconsistent access now.

I had 15 routers and none of them could be accessed via goodcloud or ddns 48 hours ago.

24 hours ago I was able to access 4 of the devices via ssh from goodcloud.

Now, I have some more that I can access via good cloud ssh, and some that I cannot.

The example I am looking at now, I can access the Web admin panel via GoodCloud, but not ssh. The error I get when accessing ssh is:

Your device is offline or something wrong happened!

I have DDNS remote access setup, but I have never been able to make that work for any router, so I can only presume the issue is something I am misunderstanding.

Please pm your Goodcloud name and device mac to us.We need to check the log.