In the Spitz X3000, is AdGuard Home a safe tool to use or is it just another Spyware?

I am suspicious of all the logging? Also is it OK to enable DNS over AdGuard as well? It is called “AdGuard Home Handle Client Requests”

Will this AdGuard Home functionality add a lot of additional load to the device due to all the logging activity?

Adguard is trusted and works well ON DEVICES. Adguard is purely for blocking ads but can be a very powerful firewall too if you know how to use it BUT the caveat is that it is a memory hog. It always has been.

On gli routers if you feel you must have ad protection you must be careful how many filters you use because it will slow the router to a crawl and at worst a total stop that requires a firmware reset from HARDWARE because you won’t be able to login.

Be careful… Keep it simple and you’ll be OK. NEVER disable the reset button!

Adguard Home is good because it runs locally. The log is also local.

When enabling “Adguard home handle client requests”, adguard home will show the client dns queries. Otherwise, all dns queries will be from “localhost”.

Have you noticed by having Adguard enabled that the router runs hotter and uses more memory and cpu?

I didn’t notice. But seems logical.

Absolutely because it’s using more cpu power. Nothing in life is free.

Devices with more memory and cpu power don’t show the pain of adguard filters as much but older devices can be overloaded. I have a flint AX1800 that adguard locked up and required a hard reset. I reverted to the app version on devices as they are far more capable but still have problems from time to time with the vpn crashing in the background.

I agree, I don’t understand why they build these devices so constrained in CPU and Memory, those things are so cheap today, they should put more