Incorrect display of connection type

Slate AX 4.0.1 release 5
All my clients are connected via wifi, the display is wrong

Are these devices connected directly to SlateAX? Or is there an AP in between them?

They are directly connected to Slate via WiFi

We failed to reproduce the problem …
If you turn off WiFi, then remove the client and turn on WiFi again. Do they still show the error after joining?

well the router has crashed multiple times since my report, at the moment the display is correct, I’ll try above next time.

this happened again, the common thing was that the devices tha showed as connected via ethernet was connected to 2.4ghz channel 13.

devices show up as connected via lan when they are in fact connected via wifi.
this affects the display on internet and clients tab.

this seems to happen when the 2.4 ghz access point is using channel 12 or 13.
when I switched to channel 6 it was ok, then switched back to channel 12 and the display was wrong again.

Please look into this.

Have you upgraded your firmware to version 4.1?

Thanks for your feedback. We will check it.