Incorrect Traffic Stats


These traffic stats are very wrong. I have updated to the latest beta, and is still displaying the incorrect data usage. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?

What is the traffic shown on your LuCI for interface usage?
Please note that this is not Internet traffic, it is WAN traffic. If the router is connected to the main router of your home network, the traffic on your home LAN will also be counted.

I know it includes both wan and lan, but there is zero possibility that my phone used 796gb after first starting up the router when I got it. Here is a photo from the LuCI interface.

It looks like you should not have Hardware Acceleration disabled. Please disable it if you need clients traffic statistics.

Thank you for your feedback, maybe we should add a hint to the clients page…

Hardware acceleration is off :thinking:

It is turned on by default. You should have the error data present before you close it.
Please try using firmware version 4.2 which includes the feature to clear clients traffic statistics. Turn off hardware acceleration first, then clear the statistics.

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I just upgraded the firmware to that and the router is now bricked. I can connect on some devices and they don’t do anything (no internet, no GUI, but still get an IP).

How do I reset the router?

You can reinstall a firmware via UBoot, please refer to Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs (

If the 4.2 firmware is still bricked, you can reinstall firmware version 4.1.2.

Update: I tried de-bricking it with 4.2 and still wasnt working after leaving the device for about 5 mins. I am now back on 4.1.2.

I second to OP report, 4.2 beta1 for mt3000 isn’t working

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