Increasing speed of device through mango MT300N-V2

Currently tethering iPhone with a mango MT300N-V2. I currently only have a Console linked to it, however it’s struggling for a decent connection. However when hotspotting the phone straight to the console, it works fine.

Do I need to change the VPN to access, or how can I ensure more/all all data goes to the console

i also find a large loss of download speed using mt300n-v2. down from 50mbs to 2mbs using wireguard connected to swedish server. using the same connections and a beryl router the loss of download speed is hardly noticable

Tethering via USB or wifi?

It isn’t really fair to compare a mango to a beryl.

using wireguard should not cause so much speed lost. Maybe something else?

So, two separate questions in this thread.

The first is the Mango. Remembering that this is low power, highly portable, 2.4G only, internal antennas, and highly suitable for a hotel room/small suite. If one is connecting this to a phone for wifi tethering, the radio is doing double duty. First it is connecting over 2.4G to the phone, and probably connecting at 72.2mbps. Then it is connecting to the console, probably at the same speed. So the maximum throughput is going to be halved. Add the wireguard overhead, and probably a maximum of about 12mpbs, assuming the phone is not the limiting factor (I am far from a cell tower, so my tethering speed is limited by that. To improve to that speed, one could tether over USB, so that is not a limiting factor and the radio is doing single duty. (Note the special advantage of the mango is that one can connect an ethernet cable from a router to the mango, and power it from a USB port on the router.) Or, one could move the phone close to the Mango, so that connection is less of a factor, and then move the whole thing close to the console. Any appreciable distance between the phone-mango-console will significantly diminish throughput. Within a 20 foot radius I have no problem with 12mpbs to a wireguard VPN.

A Beryl, on the other hand, is a high power, external antenna, dual radio, dual core, whole house beast. The wireguard VPN will max out at around 90mbps, but the same considerations will apply, with the one exception that it is possible to tether to the phone or the console on one radio, and connect over wifi on the other radio, balancing speed and distance but not having to share the same radio.

In both cases, another limiting factor will be the speed of the VPN node, and switching nodes based on how busy they are/distance could help.