Inestability on ipv6

Somebody else experience performance issues on ipv6?
Sometimes the conexion stop transmiting, and I can only getting back reboot or changing back and forth to ipv4 and ipv6.

I use IPv6 quite a bit; when I’m on the road both of my LTE providers (AT&T and T-Mobile) are IPv6, and with the Beryl at least NAT6 works perfectly, transferring GBs with no issues.

I’ve got an upcoming trip in a couple of days, I’ll report back soon.

I cannot test IPv6 because I don’t really use it. And I’m double natted at the moment to test this unit.
May I ask if IPv6 has issues on the wan or lan?

I noticed some slowness but not directly from the router or atleast I think.

My modem is a AX6S with openwrt 22.3, but it was still pushing a ula prefix and wan ipv6 address.

When I investigated this further inside the slate ax, I had one wireguard client instance active with mullvad and to my surprise it was pulling a ipv6 address even though I had the full ipv6 off for this router but ipv6 delegation was not off in my wireguard device.

Especially since my modem uses cake sqm, as soon it uses anything with ipv6 I get severly slowed down, I saw speed like 60mb/s download and 100mb/s upload when I should get 200 mb down and 200mb up as advertised speeds, that was quite strange behaviour.

It is in LAN, I didn’t test for WAN

What are the benefits of using it in LAN. I can see the purpose for WAN, but I can’t wrap my head around why someone would use it on an internal network.

The point of doing anything uncommon for doing a good beta testing, if I only trying the common thing of my current configuration there is no point in making a beta testing of a product.

Hats off to you my guy.

… and I just like IPv6 :grin:

I have a similar problem here too. If I start out with IPv6 turned off and then enable it, it works. But eventually I lose connection and it won’t even connect with IPv4. I have to disable IPv6, connect, then enable IPv6.

It sounds like others have had similar problems - it depends somewhat on the provider (I use EE in the UK): FS#1252 - No IP Assigned to Interface with QMI on Quectel EC-25A · Issue #6196 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub