Initial impressions Slate AX (GL-AXT1800)

I got my unit like 1h ago and I have been doing an initial revision of the main and common functionalities I use.
The initial impression is quite good, much better than the one I got from Flint (GL-AX1800). I have found some minor issues, but they will be probably fixed in the following betas. The new interface 4.x (4.0.0 beta4 latest currently), which seems to fix some previous issues existing in 3.x like the no selection of band when working as repeater, represents a very nice improvement from the existing 3.x one.

I have found nice surprises:

  • No fan noise yet (UK weather, like 23C inside). Not sure how to trigger it.
  • Low energy consumption (I am using an standard usb-c cable and 3A charger). With 4 wifi devices (dual band) watching 1080p videos from youtube, the device working as repeater and one tiny samsung usb 3.0 drive I get around 5W-6W and peaks 7W, so a 2A will be enough for the most cases.

Some bugs:

  • Not able to get data as openvpn client. I use same credentials with the Flint and my pc without any issue. Connection logs looking ok and connection being successful, but no data. No issue with wireguard.
  • Samba gets around 12-20 MB/s rw when used in the same room with dual band, with usb3. I was expecting around 40-60MB/s (cpu<30% with reading+writing at the same time)
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Maybe you can turn off 2.4G WiFi and try samba speed again? It has a lot of interference with USB3.

I get better smb performance with wifi than using gigabit ethernet cable :sweat:
Will have to test later different systems+config to find the issue.

It seems possible to achieve around 90MB/s (80MB/s-100MB/s) stable with a ssd drive connected to the usb port using gigabit ethernet cable. So it saturates the gigabit connection.