Inquiry about GL-E750 (Mudi) and Possible Future Upgrades

I have been a satisfied user of the GL-E750 (Mudi) by GL-iNet, and I wanted to reach out and inquire about any potential plans for a renewed version of this fantastic device, perhaps even a Mudi AX.

While exploring the available options, I came across the Puli AX (Which isn’t yet available for purchase). However, I find it to be quite bulky compared to the Mudi, and its battery capacity is smaller as well. Hence, I was wondering if GL-iNet has any intentions to release a new Mudi model that incorporates the following features:

  1. 4G LTE (and possibly 5G) connectivity without the need for external antennas.
  2. WiFi 6E support for enhanced wireless performance.
  3. The ability to prevent the device from starting up automatically every time it is plugged in.
  4. Built-in support for AdGuard, offering advanced DNS level blocking capabilities.
  5. Seamless integration with WireGuard, a popular VPN protocol.
  6. Dual SIM functionality for added flexibility (optional feature).
  7. The ability to send SMS messages, in addition to receiving them (optional feature).

Currently, I use the Mudi as a convenient “WiFi Egg” for my day-to-day activities, serving the following purposes:

  1. Providing VPN protection for all my devices, ensuring my online security.
  2. Preventing my phone’s operating system from bypassing the VPN connection.
  3. Enabling a software firewall on my Android device, which would otherwise occupy a VPN slot.
  4. Utilising a “tablet SIM” for the Mudi while having a separate “talk and text SIM” for my phone.

If there are no plans for a new Mudi in the pipeline, I kindly request that you consider this post as a product suggestion. I believe these enhancements would greatly benefit users like me who rely on the Mudi for their connectivity needs.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to any information or feedback you can provide.


Thank you. I will feed back your requirements to the product department.


We have been thinking about to develop Mudi AX for a long time, but we haven’t found a suitable solution, mainly due to the heat dissipation issue. Mudi is only CAT6+WIFI5, and the product surface is already hot. If upgraded to 5G module+WIFI6, high-performance CPU+WIFI6 chips+5G module will generate a lot of heat.

If you are not traveling with Mudi, the XE3000 (Puli AX) which under development may be an alternative solution for you. It can meet the requirements you listed above, but only the antennas are external, and the product size is a little big. Puli AX battery can support working time up to 6~8 hours.

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I understand the challenges it poses when considering the upgrade to 5G module, WiFi 6, and high-performance CPU.

Regarding the potential for Mudi AX and its heat dissipation design, while I don’t expect you to reveal trade secrets, I was curious if there are any specific technical limitations or form factor constraints that prevent the heat dissipation designs of the Puli AX from being implemented in the Mudi AX?

Additionally, you mentioned that the Puli AX has external antennas, which may not be suitable for my use case as I carry the Mudi in my trousers pocket alongside my phone. I rely on the Mudi’s integrated design. Considering this, would it be possible to use the Puli AX without the external antennas? Since I always have the Mudi on me when using my phone, the range isn’t a concern, and it might be a viable option if the external antennas can be removed.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest an alternative solution to address the size and battery life concerns. Have you considered making the battery in the Mudi AX removable? By using smaller, removable batteries such as a single 18650, there might be more room for heat dissipation while maintaining a compact form factor. Additionally, incorporating a small Lithium or coin cell battery as a backup power source could allow for graceful shutdowns when the main battery is removed without proper shutdown procedures.

I appreciate your attention to these matters and I eagerly await your response and any further information you can provide.

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

One good progress is that we are working with our 5G module supplier to make a more compact design for Mudi AX. We plan to finish the technical feasibility analysis in Q4, and hope can finish the developing work in early of Q2 next year.


You can use mini fan of 20cmx20cm 5v with 130mah and use battery 21700 each battery is of 5000mah x2 (10000mah) and you can remove and change it.

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Have a mini fan and with removable battery, we will consider it during the new product design. Thanks a lot.


any news about when to expect an update mudi device?