Install IPTV service


I have a fiber optic modem from my ISP and they provide me with an IPTV device which works naturally when it’s connected to the modem. when I connect ( convexa-S) to the modem and connect the IPTV device to the convexa-S, it doesn’t work.

my Modem ip:

My convexa-S: and take internet from the modem

I want the IPTV device to be connected to the Convexa-S lan port, but takes the ip from Modem DHCP server which is (

in other routers it’s a touch of button to isolate that IPTV device from it’s firewall.

I want to know how to make the IPTV device see only the modem

Your ISP is most likely splitting up the Internet and IPTV into different “VLAN” ID’s, and that is getting lost in the convexa-S. You will need to set up the correct VLAN ID on the LAN Port you want and enable VLAN tagging via Luci.

You can read about it here: