Install netbsd on MT300N-V2 and upgrade uboot

Hello, I have a MT300N-V2 mini router and I have two questions about it:

  1. I’d like to install on the device netbsd because in my opinion linux kernel is not secure. I have conected to the device by serial to usb cable and I can see the boot log. Also I can access to uboot. Anyone what commands are able to boot a netbsd iso install from usb stick ? I have tried something like load usb 0:1 ${loadaddr} /netbsd and things like that … but I suspect that is totally wrong. Because I understand the load command should load binary by serial port. Other command like usb start does not exist on this uboot version. Then help on how to boot netbsd image would be very appreciated.

  2. The gl-inet web frontend was very old and I have upgraded it to the last version. Also because I read on the download page that the firmware contain the uboot upgrade too. I upgraded the firmware but uboot seems still the same version. So, how can I upgrade uboot ?

L’eucalipto (from italy)

The uboot is 3 years old and no update.

Never know a netbsd can work on the router.

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