Install Wireguard

Dear All:
I just bought theGL-MT300N-V2. When I’m in a hotel room or public cafe, I would like to surf savely on the Internet with the mango. Is it enough to use the mango in repeater mode, or does it make sense to install WireGuard as well?

I checked the installation procedure for WireGuard on your website, and I must admit, that I don’t know how to do it.
…using opkg ??
…need to ssh to the router… ??
Sorry I need some basic help to begin.
Thank you all for your advice.
Please stay safe.

You should install the latest firmware for your router from here (don’t save settings when upgrading):

Then you will see Wireguard in the VPN menu when you log into the router webpage :slight_smile:

Dear Johnex:

Thank you for your fast response.

I downloaded the file

openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.104bin (12 MB)

and upgraded Mango.

In the VPN menu of the router webpage

I found Wireguard Client and Server among other


When I click on Wireguard Client, the new menu

asks me in 4 steps to add a new configuration.

Sorry, how should I proceed?

Thank you so much.



Please read the manual for Wireguard here:

It will show you how to set up a server, use your own client config, or use a VPN provider.

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Dear Johnex:

Thank you so much.
Best wishes