Installation problems Model GL-MT300A

Hi there,

I just got my router and started the installation. I went through the installation guide was able to connect with the openVPN. Status is connected. I´m able to access the controlcenter but I´m not online.

Router: GL-MT300A Firmware: default 2.19

2 things which are probably not set correctly: Port not opened and Upnp service is not open either. But both things were set at my router.

I´ using a fritzbox 6490 cable

Sorry for the German screenshots. I hope somebody can help me.



Or maybe there is any detailed “how to install guide”?

You should include information on the VPN service you are using as well as the OpenVpn file.

Remove any “personal” data from the OpenVPN file

You should also try one of the newer firmwares.



maybe it is not related to fritzbox. Upnp etc has nothing to do with openvpn.

Please let us know which VPN service you are using.