Installing Adguard should I remove dnsmasq?

I have adguard loaded on a AR-750S with latest firmware and plugin

IN order to start it is says I need to turn off the other DNS process (dnsmasq I presume) but I can’t just uninistall dnsmasq because it’s running the DHCP server right? I don’t see a setting in the UI to disable DNS but not DHCP.

I think Adguard has a DHCP server?? In which case is it best to just uninstall DNS masq full completely and let adguard be the DHCP server as well?

Just need some tips/advice b4 I try to fire up adguard and remove dnsmasq

DNSMasq is in charge of DNS and DHCP. So you may not just turn it off.

I am not sure if Adguardhome comes with DHCP server.

AGH comes with DHCP.

Ok so AGH can do both like dnsmasq. As I said the system says


it can’t start AGH because the DNS need to be turned off (port 53 I assume) and I assume dnsmasq is doing that and I see no advanced setting to “turn off DNS”

If @alzhao is correct then how does one enable AGH without disabling(uninstalling) dnsmasq? and why not uninstall it the AGH is going to perform both functions?

Thx to you both but I guess I need to hear from someone who has actaully enabled AGH and has resolved this issue.

Cannot disable dnsmasq in Luci?

perhaps AGH is referring to other DNS service enabled in More Settings > Custom DNS Server.
Make sure nothing is enabled there apart form DNS Rebinding Attack Protection and then try to enable AGH.

yes I had a manul DNS setting. Once I disabled that AdGuard started.

By poking around I discovered how Adguard is installed.
It uses port 3053 and then a server entry is automatically made in dnsmasq (you can see it in /etc/config/dhcp file or in the DNS settings webui page.) Also explains why it won’t start for me as I already had a server line there

So they can work together in that the request first goes to dnsmasq and then upstream adguard is used.

Another issue I discovered is that making adguard “filters” for hostname lookups don’t work normally instead of returning the ip it blocks it which does not happen in another adguard install I have in a hassos machine. So looks like if you have local hostname lookups then they need to go in dnsmasq which is fine. You can do that in the webui or add them to /etc/config/dhcp

In theory AGH could replace dnsmasq (assuming filters for hostname lookups works properly). You’d have to force it to use port 53 and for dhcp the appropriate ports as well. Probably best to leave well enough alone although it seems a bit of bummer to have two packages installed and running that do the same thing on a machine where storage, ram, and processing are at a premium.

If this is doable it should be better.