Instructions on how to connect router to XFINITY network

I just got a a GL iNet Beryl (GL-MT1300) and I’m trying to connect it to the public XFINITY network. Problem though is that it requires both a username and password but in the standard UI for my router I only have the ability to enter a Password after choosing the XFINITY SSID. I know there is also the open xfinitywifi but am under the impression that XFINITY is newer and preferable to connect to.

I did some digging and it looks like it’s possible using Advanced - Luci which is basically OpenWRT but I have no experience with OpenWRT so I’m a bit lost.

If I go to Network → Wireless I see a list of wireless options but don’t really see which one I’m looking to use. I don’t get why it only lists 802.11bg when it should be n/ac as well. When I click Scan under the Generic ones it doesn’t return any options. The one that’s currently connected to The LAN before Time 5ghz is what I want connected to XFINITY. I’m just connected to LAN Before Time temporarily so I could update the firmware etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.

EDIT: Looks like I may need wpad? wpad-openssl comes already installed. Assume I need to uninstall it and install full wpad?

The current version of glinet software is incompatible with openwrt wireless network settings. Gli uses a closed source driver for mt1300 that doesn’t work with luci wireless settings. If you try to change your wireless network settings this way it will break functionality unless you switch to clean openwrt first.

So is there any way to connect to XFINITY which requires a username and password?