Interface losing bridge after reboot


on one of my AR750s i have the VPN(TAP0) interface bridged with the ETH0.1 and wlan0 through luci.

After the router reboots its always loses the bridge setting from the VPN(TAP0) interface.

Any help would be appreciated!


As an update what I see happens is when the router boots it create the BR-LAN and br-vpn interfaces, when this process happens obviously all my ifname values and bridge settings are lost. Is there anyway to preconfigure these settings or should I add UCI set commands to the startup? @alzhao

Basically I want and have working all devices plugged into the LAN ports on the AR750s are on the VPN network and ignore the LAN network, but after reboot the lan ports drop off from the VPN network/interface.

The settings in bold disappear after reboot:
network.vpn.ifname=‘eth0.1 tap0’

Maybe you can check /etc/init.d/startvpn script which may modified the configuration.

If you used the original interface to configure vpn bridge, you should not modify it via luci.

But I think you can find everything in /etc/init.d/startvpn