Interfaces on GL-MT300n-V2

Hi all,
looking at the Mango Router I feel I’ve set it up wrong. What Im trying to acheieve is that the WAN interface is plugged into my main internet router and my LAN interface is plugged into my WIFI mesh network. The idea being that I can route selected devices on my WIFI network via the Mango router VPN. I have this setup and working at the moment and I’ve noticed that its actually created a sub interface so I think the network link in my LAN port is not actually being used (well thats what the traffic on the mesh network is saying).

So my question is - how do I break the sub interface. When I login to the advance setup via LuCI I can’t see an ETH1 or 2 which I would expect.

Is this even possible or am I trying to use the device in a slightly wrong way?



I’m sorry that I didn’t understand your meaning. Could you please draw a simple topological diagram to help me understand your problem

The Mango router has 2 network interfaces. When I look into the config via LuCI I see that they are bound to a virtual switch and labelled 0.1 and 0.2 which to me indicates that they are a sub interface (i.e. they share the same physical interface).

It could just be my misunderstanding but I want to use the full capacity of the interfaces as I’ve got traffic coming from my lan to then use the VPN out to the WAN.