Intermittent Connectivity Issue with GL-SFT1200 in a Multi-Router Setup for Extended Coverage

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I have set up a network to cover a 100m distance between two houses, and for this reason, I’ve placed a router at the midpoint. The configuration is as follows: An ONT fiber internet modem is connected to my main router, a GL.iNet GL-MT6000 model. From there, a 50m Cat6 cable runs to a GL-SFT1200, which is strategically placed to not only bridge the connection but also to provide outdoor coverage for the garden area. Another 50m Cat6 cable connects the GL-SFT1200 to a GL-AX1800.

The system generally operates without issues for about 3 to 5 days. However, I then start experiencing connectivity drops about 3 to 4 times a day. Restarting the GL-SFT1200 router at the resolves the issue temporarily each time.

I chose the GL-SFT1200 model for its compact size as I cannot accommodate a larger router in the space available. What could be causing this intermittent connectivity problem?

Are these two houses connected to the same power-grid? If not, you can get huge problems with currents flowing through the shield of your Cat.6-cable.
Better use a fiber connection.

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connected to the same electricity

Yesterday, I connected my old DSL (TP-Link Archer VR2100) modem to try it. There has been no problem since yesterday. I will try it for 1 week. But there is a problem, big routers are very ugly and they are left outside. I’m thinking of buying GL.iNet GL-MT3000.
Let’s say I had no disconnection for a week and I bought GL.iNet GL-MT3000, I’m not sure if I will have the same problem.

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is the sft1200 configured as a switch, which firmware version is installed?

The latest version 4.3.11 is installed. How to configure?

From a factory reset, convert WAN to LAN in the user interface, disable DHCP server, disable firewall.

Is there a guide, what exactly should I do?
I marked DHCP Ignore interface. I did firewall like this: option flow_offloading ‘0’
option flow_offloading_hw ‘0’
I turned on WAN, but it doesn’t show any internet connection on the interface, but the internet is working. What can I do to make it show in the interface? Did I do the steps correctly?

? Please help me. Am I doing something wrong?

Does the SFT1200 have a static ip assigned by the MT6000?

No please, what should I do? Can you help me? What should be done to install these 3 routers?

Why is this forum like this? full help is not provided

Because it’s community-driven and international. People need to sleep as well.
And in China is public holiday until 05-05

And sometimes the easiest answer: Nobody can help you - so that’s why nobody is answering.

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If everything is meant to be on the same network, the MT6000 should be the gateway handling the DHCP, both SFT1200 and AX1800 should be set as Dumb AP, Lan only ports, DHCP disabled and no Firewall.
The MT6000 should be assigning the Static IP for SFT1200 and AX1800.

Sorry for the late reply but you have given very little information on how your network is setup so I’m having to assume.

Thank you for the answer. The only thing I don’t understand is that when I use the LAN input, the internet connection does not appear on the router.

Because it’s a router, and it tries to connect by WAN. If you use the LAN as input, the default route does not fit - I would assume. So you need to modify it.

Anyway I couldn’t do it