Intermittent WebEx Audio disconnect when connected to GL-MT3000 after firmware update

I have had GL-MT3000 for about two months now. Recently I upgraded firmware to latest (version 4.2.3, firmware type release 5, compile time 2023-07-06 13:21:09(UTC+08:00)). After that upgrade, I’d be on webex calls on my laptop, and my audio / connection drops for few seconds then resumes, and it is happening frequently.

I have tried to reset firmware to default, reconfigured with basic setup (Modem > GL-MT3000 > Laptop) with no VPN client configured, also directly via network cable (i.e. even when WiFi is disabled on GL-MT3000), and my laptop webex audio disconnects frequently… If I switch my laptop to another router (Modem > Another Router > Laptop), everything works smooth with no issues in my webex throughout the whole day. I am not able to pinpoint what is causing this issue (only when connected to my GL-MT3000), or how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!