Internet Access Blocked


I just purchased the Beryl travel router (GT M1300). I’m not able to access the admin page through my work laptop. There is a VPN installed through the company that I’m not able to disable on my end. I’m able to access my home WiFi admin page and can access the GL Inet admin page through my personal computer. Not sure how to approach it. Is it possible to use a travel router on my work computer…I’m a total newbie btw.

If your company will allow it, it is possible. But if your company doesn’t allow any connection beside their own, there will be no (legal) way to use any 3rd party.

There are senarios, like
Work Laptop - Beryl - Internet (and)
Mobile phone to configure - Beryl - Internet

If you’re only on the road with your Work Laptop, it won’t need a travel router. If you’d like to access with two devices → use the other one to setup/configure.

You can set up via wifi using smartphone?

Otherwise difficult

I want to use the travel routers vpn capabilities to show I’m working from my home city while traveling. Is there a better way to do this?

I was able to set it up through my phone and the internet works but terribly slow.