Internet not being passed through - Slate ATX

Hey guys,

I’m setting up a Slate ATX as a router for a portable live streaming build but I’m having trouble even getting the router to pass through internet.

I currently have my home internet (confirmed working) from my ISP router LAN port plugged in to the Slate ATX WAN port. In the admin panel the “Ethernet” light shows up blue saying it’s connected, it shows the right IP address for my home router, and it even downloaded an update through this connection so I believe that it’s actually connected to the internet. Anything I plug in to the LAN ports however don’t receive internet (Windows laptop). I’ve also tried connecting my iPhone to the Slate’s Wifi however again the internet will not work.

If I plug the Ethernet cable from my home router direct in to a laptop or switch, the internet works fine and is passed straight through. However I need to use the Slate as a mobile router as I need my own network.

Are there any settings or setup points that I have missed? All guides online seem to point to it being plug and play.



It is PnP. My Slate AX is behind a router without issue. What’s your LAN IP (GL GUI → Network → LAN → Router IP Address) vs your upstream LAN IP (eg:

If your Slate AX isn’t still a as reflected by Router IP, set it back to that IP & reboot.

Also check for Router Mode @ GL GUI → Network → Network Mode

My Slate Router IP address is set to Any device that I plug in to it with DHCP gets given the right subnet IP 192.168.8.XXX.

The upstream router IP shown under the Ethernet shows:

Protocol: DHCP
IP Address:

Network mode is set to “Router”

Yeah, that’s proper… & eerily echoes my own setup. Can you connect a Ethernet cable to a device & cold boot it? It’s a bit of a shot in the dark but I’m guessing the client isn’t flushing the previous connection correctly before negotiation w/ the Slate AX’s DHCP.

You should then see it’s connected at GL GUI → Clients → Online Clients .

Does the Slate AX’s admin panel show a prompt that there is no Internet connection?

The admin panel always just stayed blue on Ethernet saying there was internet, but it wouldn’t pass through.

Well, I’m not sure what the issue was in the end but a factory reset seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the help anyway!

Well, at least it’s sorted. Firmware 4.2.3-release5 is the latest stable build. I’d check GL GUI → System → Upgrade just to be sure.