Internet Offline on Repeater Mode connected my mobile Hot Spot

Opal STF1200

It connected fine to my personal mobile hotspot wireless (WIFI) in Repeater mode (I think this is wisp)
But Internet shows “offline” in admin panel.
Offline Confirmed by phone/laptop connected to stf1200’s wifi and no internet
It’s a Sprint (t-mobile) modem, 4G, no USB internet only wifi.

Help. I am good at following instructions, but I am ignorant about routers and have limited energy due to cancer stuff.

My goal is to run ‘mobile hotspot’ wirelessly to ‘GL1200 as repeater’ wired to ‘asus router in AP or router mode.’

The subnet of some hotspots is You can check whether subnet conflict is displayed on the UI home page. If conflict is detected, you can change the LAN IP of the router.

The LAN IP is for the hotspot

There was no conflict of subnet displayed

How would I change the IP address of the GL 1200 router. It appears it still is under the 192.168.8x IP