Internet sharing using site to site

not sure if i am even looking at the right soloution but basics of what i am looking to achieve is below:

i have several sites which i want to connect so that the traffic is hosted from a single ISP IP.

So site 1 has a public IP through a gigabit fibre line i have main router provided ny ISP.
Site 2 has its own slower speed fibre connection , own ISP router, own public IP.

both have GLinet router various models Ar750s , MT1300 etc.

i want devices connected at site 2 GLinet router to be able to route over the Public IP off Site 1.

is this what site to site would achieve or is there some other soloution i should be looking at for this ?

i have also tried to look at Site to Site - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

when it says “Port is open, default is 51830.” i assume this does this automatically on the GLinet router or does that need done as well ?

The router will do it automatically - but only if there is no other uplink router.

Maybe a VPN like Wireguard from site 2 to site 1 can help you. Devices on site 2 who want to connect the internet will be directed through the VPN to site 1 and will be seen with the external IP of site 1.

i did try setting one as a WG server and creating a config file from it but IP still seemed to be different. might try that again and see if i maybe did something wrong.

Do you have DDNS enabled? Can you see routers on GoodCloud site?

only way i can see it working properly is to switch out my main router so it can pick up the public IP otherwise it shows the dhcp assigned router address from main router. so have ordered a Flint 2.

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