Internet via Site to Site VPN

I recently bought MT300N-v2.
I can configure this as OpenVPN client and conenct to NORD / Express and other servers providing US IP address.

My question -
I would like to setup my own VPN Service for personal use so I get consistent outbound IP.

  • Connect 2 MT300N Routers using OpenVPN/WireGuard - Server (R1-USA)- Client(R2-NonUSA)
  • Use the VPN to browse internet via R1 -

PC – R2 (Client) ----------- R1(Server)

Basically I want to tunnel all internet bound traffic via Tunnel to US Site and out from there.

Can I achieve this using 2 MT300N Routers


Yes of course. You can set up one as server and one as client.

Just to change the lan IP address to different.

Can both GL Routers be behind Additional Routers on each side ? I can allow DMZ for these IP’s

Only the server is required to have port forwarding or DMZ.

The client side does not matter.

Dear @alzhao

I have a opposite situation.
       Two MT300N-V2, as R1 and R2.

PC – R2 (WireGuard Server, public IP) ---------- R1 (WireGuard Client, US, Private IP)

My PC would like to go out to Internet through R1.
However, R1 has only a private IP address.
I can make R1 as WireGuard Client, to connect to R2 (WireGuard Server) which has a public IP.
How to configure so that my PC can go out to internet through R1?

Thank you.

If you mean that you want your PC connect to the Internet without going through R2,

You can use two solution:

  1. You use vpn policies and only route some IP to R2.
  2. You use our Site2Site solution. Site-to-Site Network - GL.iNet

Thank you for your advice.

Can I clarify that the VPN policies can be set at the Wireguard server side to direct the traffic from specific IP address to the Wireguard client ?

No. If you want to route the traffic from server to client, check document of Wireguard. That is how we developed Site2Site.

If I use Site2Site solution, how do I redirect my Internet?
eg. If I have (1) Main Node (2) Node 1 (3) Node 2 in my Site2Site,
A PC connected to “Main Node” wishes to direct its internet traffic via Node 1, how do I configure?