IOS 17 devices unable to connect


GL-AXT1800 v4.4.60 (OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+159-c67509efd7),
Wi-Fi Security: WPA2-PSK

iphone14 (ios 17.0.3) and ipad (ios 17.0.3): Unable to join network…
iphone 8 (ios 16.xx): ok
Windows laptop: ok

How to solve problem with latest ios update?

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Can’t confirm this is a general problem, my iOS 17.0.x devices are all OK.
Do you use an MAC address filter on your router?

Did you try to delete the network from the device, reboot it and connect again?

Yes, i tried, nothing helps, and no any filters on router, settings mostly default

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On your iOS device goto Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device] > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Sometimes this helps as you can see here: If your iPhone or iPad won't connect to a Wi-Fi network - Apple Support.

I am having this issue as well even with a network settings reset. My router is on default settings.

Windows and ios 16 and ios 15 can connect fine. My ios 17 device can not connect to my glinet router on 5G or 2.4GHZ. my Ios 17 can connect to other wireless networks.

I’ve upgraded my phone to ios 17.0.3, and connect to glinet product on 5G or 2.4g well. Did you try to change the wireless channel, security, bandwidth? Could you forget the network or delete the network which you can not connect on your phone Settings->WLAN->Edit in KNOWN NETWORKS list and try again? And send me the screenshot of Wireless settings if problem persistes.

I deleted and re-added the networks. I try doing channel optimization, bandwidth and adjusting security. I am still not able to connect

Could you export log and send it to me?

I was able to fix the issue. I updated the firmware to 4x. I got the idea when googling the error code “Send DUE TO NOT IN PORTSECURED” and saw another post about someone’s beryl.

Thank you for the idea of checking the logs!

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So you downgraded firmware?

Not necessary.

Just reset the iOS network settings: If your iPhone or iPad won't connect to a Wi-Fi network - Apple Support

The article sounds more like a “general manual” but in fact this does the trick often.
Make sure you really reset it - not just removing the WiFi network.

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