iOS AdGuard Safari Extension with third party VPN

Hello, I have found only one way on iOS to have working ad blocker from AdGuard working at the same time with other VPN. I am using Surfshark.
In Surfshark settings we need to change connection type to IKEv2.
Also we need change in iOS AdGuard advanced settings tunnelling mode to “split tunnel”.
In AdGuard app turn on safari extension.
In iOS Safari settings turn on all AdGuard extensions.

In this way we get:
Hydra IP from Surfshark
Ads blocker active all the time when browsing
It doesn’t work on Chrome at all .

As we know android / IOS allows only one VPN connection active so have fully working AdGuard with third party VPN is not possible.
Also AdGuard have their own VPN which work with AdGuard at the same time . I am thinking what solution, protocol they use ??

If anybody know better solution please share your knowledge. Thanks

For AdGuard Blocker: They don’t use a real VPN. It’s just a local „VPN“ which will trick the device to send all traffic through an internal tunnel (on so AdGuard can block DNS requests for specific sites.

If you need ad blocking on iOS with any VPN you could use a custom AdGuard DNS server: (as long as the VPN allows you to set custom DNS servers)

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Thanks for replying, When using Surfshark VPN it’s not possible to allocate the device with AdGuard custom DNS at all unfortunately.