iOS app gl-inet

The same bug was reported in May.

Any word on improving the tedious and repetitive login procedure as well?

Yeah, that is not ASAP as expected. We don’t have enough developers, and we are making a major revision of the app too, stay tuned.

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quick question about the initial connection -
why isn’t it possible to manually enter the IP address to pick the router (in my case - 750 / 750s)? why do I have to connect to its’ wifi in order to config it?

I am asking since my devices have their wifi off and they act as VPN gateways (while having local LAN IP addresses)

I definitely understand that connecting to the device’s wifi might make the setup easier for a novice user, but at least give the ability to manually configure it for more advanced users.


Great suggestion. I have considered this situation, and this feature is already in the development requirements list.

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Great app.

But if I have multiple devices, using different accounts of the same provider, I get a mess …

Let‘s say: Device 1 uses Mullvad-Account 1, Device 2 uses Mullvad Account 2 …
When I use the App to change the country Device 1 is connected to, then try to do the same on Device 2 … the App overwrites the existing Account(!)-Settings on Device 2, and changes them to the ones previously saved within the iOS-App. … so what I wanted was to change the country, but I change the Account-Number as well.

How do I prevent that? Can the app save multiple Profiles of the same VPN-Provider (Azire, Mullvad, NordVPN …)?

It would be great, if the app actually READS the config of the Device, instead of imposing the in-app saved Account settings on any other device you connect the iOS app to…

This maybe a great feature, although it makes things a little complicated.

The router, as an embedded device, is very difficult to manage profiles. Do you think migrating vpn profiles to cloud is acceptable?

May I know the scenario that Device 1 uses Mullvad-Account 1, Device 2 uses Mullvad Account 2 …, why just use one Mullvad-Account to save money?

Thanks for your responses :+1:t2:

here’s a scenario:
You support not so techy friends, habitants in a home for the elderly, or … who all use a glinet-device for VPN, and you yourself use one too. And since you told them a certain VPN Provider (Azire, Mullvad, …) is the best, they all have the same provider as you do. To help them if the device has a problem, you do have their account credentials, but don’t want to mix em up with your own settings on your own device.
The iOS app is easier, than carrying your laptop along.

Moving the handling to the cloud would be an option, though not really a preferable one.
And I tried goodcloud, but there‘s no way to set the VPN-Profiles used on the devices from there … or change them.
Or did I oversee something?

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It would be nice if gl inet ios app can detect device via ethernet connectivity because there is way to connect via lightning to ethernet adapter

I didn’t try the lighting to ethernet adapter, I think it is same when iPhone connect to Wi-Fi

after the last iOS update, I can’t add node to my mesh network. after I select “node situation” the app does nothing and returns to starting page @alzhao @Leo

Sorry for the inconvenience, we will check it.

any other way to add my nodes till the issue with the app is fixed? @Leo

Very sorry, there is no other way. We will submit another version to Apple for review today. If it goes well, it will be officially released in a day or two.