IOS14 Tethering on MT300N V2

The new os probably has some kind of built-in privacy protection that might interfere or block internet connection.

Check on these

  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Personal Hotspot
  • Privacy settings

If this solves your problem please post back.

I’ve had the exact same problem and spent hours today trying to solve it. The router itself used to work perfectly and stopped today.

Any insight would be so appreciated!

I did notice this on the OpenWRT USB tethering Wiki

Not working with iOS 14 devices (tested various devices, beta1-beta3, tethering starts and iPhone address can be pinged, but traffic stops there and is not routed) [wiki editor: something is messed up with your router configuration then. Pls get it working and return to let us know!]

Never bought an Apple product in my life, so can’t comment about. May be worth posting on the OpenWRT forums? . Android works fine :slight_smile:

Same here. iOS14

Turned off/on personal hotspot.
Gave USB access again with “Trust” and passcode.

No blue “tethering” bar appears.

Tested with ios 13 iphone. No problem there.

Will we have to wait for iOS 14.2 or are there any other tricks around this? I would love to use my wireless router soon. It was nice to have.

IOS 14 is not working anymore on the router. The router still get IP address from the phone but no Internet. We are trying to solve this.

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Thank you so much! Do you have an ETA on when this might be resolved and what the root cause may be?

Same shit here! Updated to iOS14 and tethering via USB cable does not work anymore. HELP!!!

GL-INET AR750 in my case.

Same on a GL-AR300M!

I tried an iPhone 11 Pro on iOS14 and a iPhone 11 on iOS14.

Please fix this urgently! Thanks a lot!

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Not working in 14.2 beta either…

Subscribe, same problem with IOS14. Need the solution urgently

Yea, same here. iPhone XS Max on IOS 14.0.1. Tethering does not work on my GL-X750 but does work if plugged directly into my SP. Tried lots of things including different cables, resetting the iPhone & the router…

I‘m using the router now in repeater mode to pick up the iPhone‘s hotspot WLAN. But the drops after some time e. g. over night and does not reconnect automatically.
Has anybody an idea how this could be optimized and the disconnect can be avoided? Maybe this is a workaround. But not working properly at the moment.

Weird, I tried that but mine won’t discover my iPhone hotspot…

EDIT… after trying this again after many failed attempts using the repeater function has worked to the iPhone hotspot.

Yes, it’s not straight forward. But if the repeater mode connected to the hotspot, it works pretty well, speed is ok. Unfortunately it disconnects after a while and does not reconnect automatically. Only after I disable/enable the hotspot on the iphone and connect the router manually again. If this could be fixed and the connection would be stable 24/7, it would be fine.

Change in IOS14 - have you enabled Personal Hotspot, and then connect the USB to the GL-Inet device?

Need to leave Personal Hotspot on, but it should work tethered after that.

This is very clear and NOT the issue. Everything is correctly configured on the iPhone side and the iPhone is connected via USB. But the router is not tethering the iPhone‘s internet connection. Have a look here:

As a workaround of the USB tethering issue, I put my router in ‚repeat‘ mode to pick up the iPhones wifi hotspot. This works, but without constant traffic the router drops the wifi tethering connection after a short time.

Now I made the following observation: if I keep a constant traffic on the wifi tethering to the iPhone, the tethering connection (router mode is ‚repeater‘) does not drop but keeps alive. Eg if I‘m constantly streaming music on a device connected to the router, the tethering connection is stable now already for almost 24h. Unfortunately this causes a lot of unnecessary data volume which makes this approach not practical.

Has someone an idea, if there is an option that the router is sending frequently a small data package as a heartbeat via the tethering connection? A ping to an internet server, something like this? This could keep the wifi tethering connection alive without causing too much traffic and data volume. Any idea? I think this could be a workaround.

Seems this is because iPhone drops if not active data.

Can you use cron ton schedule a ping? You can ping Google every X seconds.

To find out how to use cron just search the forum.

Thanks for the hint! I set up cron job which pings every minute (cron tab). The system log reports the ping every minute. Unfortunately this doesn‘t solve the issue. Obviously the ping traffic is not enough.
Do you have a hint what else I could try?

Did it like this: */1 * * * * ping -i 5 -c 60