IP Address Query

I am trying to use a MTN300-V2 to act as a VPN between my home router and my Russound audio server to access US radio stations. MTN300 configured and is working well with OpenVPN. My home router and wifi use IP dresses 192.168.1.xxx.
Problem is that the MTN300N assigns an IP address of to the Russound and I need to access the Russound from my home wifi network.
How can I make the Russound visible from the home wifi system (Mapping from router ??)
Any advice much appreciated. Thank you

First, don’t use ‘force vpn’ in the router.

Second, set up port forward etc in the router for your Russound. I am not sure if this can solve your problem.

Can you give me any more advice here. I have a NETGEAR D7000 router with IP addresses 192.168.1.xxx. My Gli net is using addresses 192.168.8.xxx. I would be very grateful if you could give me any more info about which ports to forward and from where to where. Thank you very much

If I am correct,
let’s say your radio device IP is and you want to access it from your pc
Suppose your GL router got IP from your Netgear.

You need to set up a port forward on GL router t o192.168.8.100. If it is using http, you can forward port 8000 to So you will be able to access your radio

Do I need to do any port forwarding on my NETGEAR router, or is it all done from the glinet?

On GL router. Advanced settings → network → firewall.