IP conflict with other network devices in the Network

So I have 2 GL.iNet routers. They by default use the Ip Adress

In my home network is my home router (FritzBox) which uses the default IP adress 192.168.178.xx
I also have a home TV box. This TV box build it’s own connection the the internet. So it is not connected to any Router. It is its own router so to say. The TV box uses the default IP adress of: 192.168.192.xxx

I want to use the 2 GL.iNet as vpn routers. One GL.iNet (VPN) router is upstairs and the only device that ever should be connected to this Router is a computer. The other GL.iNet Router is downstairs and this router should be used by the rest of the devices in this home, expect for a few devices of my kids. These devices will be connected to the actual router fritz box.

The 2 GL.iNet routers use diffrent vpn providers and should work independently from each other.

Lately my TV Box stopped working, saying it has no internet connection. Could there be an IP conflict?

If possible I want the GL.iNet routers to have their own Lan Ip adress. But idk which to choose. They cant be the same as the Fritz box or the TV BOX. If you consider the IP Adresses of the Fritz BOX (actual Router) and the TV BOX, which local IP addresses could I use for the 2 GL.iNet Routers?

I kinda don’t know how to fix this. Thank you in advance!

Still looking for a solution…

From what you described, the TV box has its own network. It does not share any connection with your home router etc. So the TV box should not have any relation with your current setup.

Do you have a modem which has mutiple LAN output, so the TV box connects to one port and your main router connect to one port?
Maybe you can just reboot your modem to see if it fixes your TV.

Other things that may not relate to your issue:
You use the two GL.inet router as repeater or cable to your home router right?
One GL.iNet router is used a vpn client, connecting to 3rd party vpn service, right?
Another GL.iNet router is only used as a common router for some devices of your home? Can you let me know why you do this setup? Is it for better coverage?

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