IP leaking WireGuard VPN

I have set up WireGuard VPN server on my Raspberry Pi using PIVPN.
On my android phone I set WireGuard client and is working super fine.
On my GL-MT1300 (Beryl) I have set another WireGuard client. After connecting to the server I still have my ISP provider IP. I think there is IP leak. Why?

When I was creating the client I got a message that “only data accessing subnet, ::/0 will pass through the VPN. There may be a risk of data leakage.”
Why this is working fine on the smartphone but not on the Beryl router?
How to fix it?

Firmware version 3.211?

If you can could you try this snapshot GL.iNet download center

If possible can you send me a working wg config to test? Because I just tested yesterday using other vpn service and I didn’t have IP leak.

The software version installed is 3.211
What I have noticed yesterday, the VPN is working fine but only on ethernet cable connection not on the WiFi.

I just check on wifi and I don’t have a IP leak.

Is there anything else I cloud miss?

All working fine now :blush:
The VPN Policies work only on ethernet cable connections, not WiFi. I don’t know why.
Ones I have switched off all the VPN Policies, all connections including WiFi ones goes through VPN with changed IP address.
Thanks for help anyway.
I love the small and smart router :+1: I just need to learn the full set up.
On the WireGuard VPN I get just over 100 Mbps download and 17 Mbps upload, that’s fast.
Thanks again

How did you switched off all the VPN policies. I have pivpn wireguard.