IP masquerade - home server

I’m connecting to my home Gl inet router and using it as a Wireguard server when I’m away from home so I appear at home, using Mudi as my travel router.

I recently noticed an option called IP masquerade in Wireguard server side settings. I’m a beginner in networks, what does it mean and is it necessary? Does not using it cause IP leak on my client side?

Thanks! Kal

It‘s not necessary in your case of use, since you only connect from one secure router to another.

If you are only using the WireGuard connection to access devices on your private LAN (Local Area Network) and not routing your internet traffic through it, you may not need IP masquerading.

IP masquerading is primarily used when you want to allow multiple devices on a private network to share a single public IP address for internet access while maintaining their privacy. If you’re using WireGuard solely for connecting to your private LAN, then you don’t necessarily need to use IP masquerading, as it’s not serving as a gateway to the internet in this scenario.

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