IP passthrough on the GL-X750V2

Is there a way to get the GL-X750V2 into IP passthrough mode. Would like it to pass the WAN address to my firewall verse it getting assigned a DHCP private LAN address.

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Depends on what you are going to do. In the construction of networks there is no such thing as IP transfer. There is such a thing as routing. Can you clarify your end goal? Then I could suggest solutions.

Maybe bridge mode would be a better use of words. Don’t need to GL-X750 to route anything, want the device to act as a modem and passthrough the WAN IP Address to the LAN interface on the GL-X750, my firewall will perform the routing. Similar to this forum post on this device.

I think here you will find the answer to your question.

Alternatively, you can use DMZ

Good day,
I am brand new user of the GLinet brand. I have startes with the mango as a secure way to join open networks while traveling.

I am now on a journey to use the GL-X750 router as a bridge/modem/IP pass-through.

I would like to use the GL-X750 connected to a Fritzbox with a couple of VOIP numbers already set up on the fritzbox. I am currently using DSL bit I need to change to a LTE connection.

Is there a dumbed down guide on how to achieve this ?

I thank you in advance for your guidance.

Afaik the Fritzbox does not support bridge-mode while having VOIP still enabled.
(And bridge-mode is only supported if your ISP supports it.)

So I am not sure what you are going to get at the end?
If you still want to use DSL it is better to get rid of the Fritz!Box and get a modem only instead, like a Draytek or LANCOM.

Thank you for the prompt response.
What I want to achieve is to have the GL-X750V2 as a LTE modem and then use the Fritzbox 7582 as my main router. Then I can use the VOIP numbers programmed on the Fritzbox and I can also use the Fritz Apps for VPN and Softphone.

I saw some post about a beta firmaware that will allow the GL-X750 to be set up as a bridge. But I did not fully understand how to do it.

Does the Fritzbox support multiple WAN?
Maybe you should draw what the environment will look like: draw.io

@Inca: would suggest you to purchase the M2 5G. Spitz is not working in bridge mode.

Thanks for the info. I just bought the Spitz :frowning_face:

I looked at the M2 but it did not state that it is compatible.

I don’t see why you need bridge mode at all, tbh.

If the FRITZBox is to be operated as a router that generates its own IP network: Insert one end of the LAN cable into the WAN socket on the FRITZBox and you can switch off wifi from Spitz to have only one wifi.
If the FRITZBox is to be operated as an IP client: Insert the LAN cable into a LAN socket on the FRITZBox. You can then configure the WAN socket as a LAN port as well.
Both cases you cannot use the mobile number from Spitz for calling. But you can use any SIP account configured on FRITZBox.

M2 will work fine with your FritzBox, there is no reason against.

I hope this explains better what I would like to achieve.
I want to continue to have the access to my Fritzbox and SIP phones at home and on the way.
Due to my limited networking knowledge, It would be best to have the GL-X750V2 as a modem and have the fritzbox be the main router. Then I can continue to use the everything as I had when I had the FritzBox via DSL.

Today I was able to run some test and I am having a couple of difficulties.
Somehow the LAN interface on the Spitz is very slow. I only get 25 Mbps with a PC via ethernet cable, however with WIFI 5G I can get up to 120 Mbps. I am not sure what is going on. This create a problem when using the FritzBox.
I also seem to have the same problem with 2.4Ghz, the speed is dramatically lower.

The second problem is an audio problem when using SIP phones/softphones internally.
I have used the Fritzbox as an IP Client, and also tried as a router connecting to a modem.

I do not believe that there is a way to use a sip client on the SPITZ, right?

Thanks for your feedback,
I test this solutions however some how the LAN interface on the Spitz was very slow. LTE was well over 100Mbps but on LAN I was only able to get 20Mbps.
I have returned the Spitz as I beleive it is not working as it should.

Ethernet Speed is 10/100Mbps.
I would recommend you to stay on Fritzbox, 6850 LTE or 5G, and use Fritzbox 7582 as Mesh repeater.

Thanks for your honest response.