Ip6 on MT300N-V2

Hello All,

New to the GL.iNet family of routers, safe to say new to OpenWRT post the LDE merge. I think 12x was the last time I used OpenWrt a lot!

My question is, does IP6 work on GL.iNet firmware on the MT300N?

I have purchased a few MT300N-V2 running 3.102, for a lab project I want to do involving IP6. Hardware wise these are great pieces of kit for the price. Alas though, IP6 is disabled on them as far as I can see (glipv6.enabled=0, and no odhcp startup script, althugh odhcpd does exist in the firmware). So I popped over to OpenWrt, and upgraded to vanilla openwrt 19.07.

IP6 was here, but Wireless was “very” unstable with it turned on. Even with it turned off, 100Mbps for a minute or so killed the Wireless. I can tell after upgrade, that Wireless driver is different.

I wanted to check before enabling IP6.

Thanks for your help

We don’t have IPV6 support yet, but we’re working on it.

Hello Mr Luochongjun,

Thank you for confirming the IP6 situation for me.
I can wait :slight_smile: It is not like IP6 is going away.

Thank you again