Iperf3 as service

good day.

In my case, I use an GL-SF1200 and
i have downloaded and installed iperf3 and it works perfectly, in command line (iperf3 -s -D) the question is: How can I install it permanently?, if I restart I have to write again.

Thank you.

You should be able to add the iperf3 command to the local startup script via LuCI → System → Startup → Local Startup.

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When you put something to the router, pls check where you put it.

If you put in /tmp which is actually in the RAM. So after reboot it is gone.

But if you put in /root it will stay there.

Pls note, iperf3 runs on the router, but not ideal. The router does not have enough ram and cpu to run such program. So your speedtest may not be accurate enough.


It was solved with your valuable contribution, thanks.

thanks for your contribution.