iPhone - can’t share hotspot with router

Hi there

Trying to share Internet via iPhone but my glinet won’t connect either via WIFI Hotspot or USB. Any idea?

I have reset my iPhone network settings and restarted my iPhone already. The “Trust this computer” alert just doesn’t pop up when I try to connect the router to the iPhone.


Does it show on iOS that it is charging? Does this alert appear when you connect your iPhone to your computer?

In iOS, the “Trust this computer” alert belongs to privacy, not the network. So if you think iOS needs to be reset, you should go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Devices] > Reset and tap Reset Location and Privacy.

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Which router are you using?

For iphone hotspot, did you enable “Maximise Compatibility”?

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Good point, it’s not charging!

Hmm…iPhone doesn’t seem to recognize the Opal router.

Am using Opal.

Good point, I can finally connect using hotpot (WIFi only) after turning on “Maximize Capability)

But I still can’t connect the 2 devices using the lightning cable. Plug and Play connection would be ideal, and I can also charge my iPhone at the same time. Appreciate any thoughts u may have

I think you should check the USB port and your cable first. When a powered lightning cable is detected, the iPhone will be charged first, whether the user trusts the device or not.
Does the USB port on the Opal work properly when I plug in another device (e.g. USB flash disk)?

You can check the router’s log when you plug the iphone to the router. If there is log related to “overcharging” it will be a problem.

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I finally managed to connect my iPhone via the USB port on the Opal with the Tethering function (so at least we know that the USB port is working), but whilst the Opal is connected to WIFI internet at a cafe.

I’m travelling at the moment and will do more testing when I am home. Thank you so much for your tips so far, all very helpful!

Just a quick update that Opal cannot connect to iPhones consistently. Do not recommend this product if you plan to connect it to an iPhone

Without further information it is impossible to fix this.

No I mean I spoke with GLINET support, they told me Opal doesn’t work with iPhone. They asked me to buy a different router, so I decided to buy a Mudiv2 (which I’m still trying to get it to work)

That’s weird because I am using an Opal and it works with my iPhone o_O

How? Can you give me the name?

Sure I can send you the email chain, do you have an email address?

Could you please sent it to support@gl-inet.com ?
Thank you.

Thanks, done.

If you ever find a fix, please do let me know because I really love the Opal router!

Thank you so much. We have received it and check the email history.

It seems that there’s some misunderstanding on this case, we have not claim that Opal cannot support tethering connection. And in that email, we have not found the root cause for it.

Generally our routers, including Opal, shall support the tethering connection with iPhone. While sometimes it may come acorss some problems due to the strict permission settings on ios system.

Here we have a guide for your reference to make it:

Besides, you can also go to the reset settings and select the reset network settings options on your iPhone. After that, replug the cable and try again. Also noted to click on trust this device.

Update us if it works or not. Thank you.

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I can confirm that resetting the network settings (see step 7, If your iPhone or iPad won't connect to a Wi-Fi network - Apple Support ) will solve those issues. @Lovette you should definitely try it.

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