Iphone USB tether problem with GL-AXT188 Slate AX

Upgraded to a new GL-AXT188 Slate AX Wi-Fi 6 router. It works well except for one very annoying problem. My torrent client (Mac laptop, Transmission app with stock settings) seem to kill my internet connection.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Power up Slate AX
  2. Connect Slate AX to internet (in my case usb tether phone hotspot)
  3. Connect client laptop (macbook) via WIFI
  4. Browsing (internet, email, etc) all work at this point
  5. Start Transmission torrent app (with in-progress downloads)
  6. Transmission app starts downloading then bandwidth drops to zero within 20 seconds
  7. All internet on laptop now dead
  8. If I plug phone (usb tether hotspot) directly into computer, all works as expected, Transmission works

There is an error in the logs when this happens:

kern.err kernel: [  129.117794] ipheth 1-1:4.2: ipheth_rcvbulk_callback: urb status: -75

Trouble persists through full reset and reconfigure of the Slate AX. Stock settings except for changing password and WIFI network name (ssid).

I had this problem with my old GL-AR750S and hoped upgrading to a newer model with more memory and a faster processor would fix the problem, but it has not.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback.
Please provide us with the iOS version and Transmission version for us to try to reproduce this issue.

I noticed this:

Seems similar - just passing it on as I dont have an iphone :slight_smile: